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Glamourising the Green Scare
May 30, 2008, 8:19 am
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THIS made me incredibly angry at first. And super surprised that something like ELLE would dip into this to begin with, never mind issue a retraction. To be fair to the writer though, she appears to have made a decent stab at the issue. What the article fails to note though, is that “Anna” was paid -by most accounts- over $75 000 for the entrapment. There’s another look here.Eric McDavid has been meanwhile sentenced to 19 years and 7 months, More info on how to support Eric.

edit: it seems the retraction stickers were a hoax, despite being pretty widespread. I’m no Crimethinc (or even ELF for that matter) fan, but this is excellent. To quote from Ecorazzi,
“Following consultation with federal agencies, we at Elle wish to retract this article. Not because of the stream of factual inaccuracies beginning in the second sentence (there has never been a CrimethInc. convergence in Athens, Georgia), but because in the current political climate it is irresponsible to even pretend to give a fair hearing to radical anti-capitalists. Even if Anna’s story is a cut-and-dried case of entrapment, we have to understand this as a necessary defense of our free market freedoms. Not to say that we are not concerned about the environment at Elle. On the contrary, the global environmental crisis offers unprecedented opportunities to promote sustainable fashions (p. 98), give the meat industry a makeover (p. 245), and renew faith in this country’s discredited electoral process (p. 104); even the color green itself is making a comeback (p. 72). Consumer capitalism may be threatening life on earth, but there’s simply no other option—that is, not unless you’re willing to join the ranks of the eco-terrorists.”

Otherwise, Im back in NYC though have spent the last two days migraining in a darkened room (as promised, the doors are shockingly pepto-bismol pink. I kind of love it.

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The article does say that Anna was paid, so much so that Anna had to explain the money way–to her parents, who thought she was dealing drugs, to the other “cell members” who thought she’d earned it “stripping in college”. The exact amount was probably editied out by NYC editors who didn’t think $75 K was a great deal of money–not even for a 20 year old. These are NYC born and bred individuals, people (the writer is not from NY, see contribs page). Things in NYC are warped, finance wise.

Comment by Amanda

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