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elfo over the rainbow
July 2, 2008, 6:08 am
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I saw this at the wonderful wooster collective today; it’s rather lovely. I bet I didn’t use that semicolon correctly. It’s been raining a lot lately in NYC but unfortunately I haven’t seen any rainbows even though the sun is often shining. My mother always used to tell me that a rainbow meant that there was a fox’s wedding. A Kerala cultural variant to the leprachauns and pots of gold perhaps?

Who is Elfo indeed? Elfo is an Italian street artist, with a pretty adorable style. And a kinda cryptic candified forest-as-canvas aesthetic, though the former may just be due to translation issues? I’ve never actually seen graffiti on grass before. Probably toxic and definitely not too environmentally friendly, but like the grass photography, it’d be really interesting to see how this stuff weathers, as the spray paint affects the grass. Would it grow back a different colour, or maybe not grow back at all once this grass dies?

With the piece on the left, despite its cuteness it’s kind of disconcerting to think that soon, trees too may well have eyes – if they don’t already. I guess I’m just a little obsessed with pigs and surveillance societies lately. I also love the ‘cut here’ lines on a hedge:

Punk’s not dead? Punky Dad! This is an amazing spin on a somewhat tired cliche. Punk-rock parenting’s also pretty fascinating. I immediately associate it with the zine Doris, but there must be tons of similar ones. I wonder how the kids will turn out – perhaps they’ll be the red diaper baby equivalent for this generation?

Speaking of reality bites, I should be constructing and/or memorising a 15 minute presentation on Arab nationalism, Pan-Arabism, Nasserism, Arab Identity and whatnot right now. In Arabic. Oh dear? I too could well sleep for 1000 years but I must be up all night.

At the other end of the rainbow though, is Sonic Youth and the Feelies and hopefully my friend from Toronto via-Dubai and a wonderful weekend ahead.

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i guess you could always look for rainbows in oilspills… that’s a viable option

Comment by coyotekansas

[…] elfo over the rainbow […]

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