killing denouement

walking up 23rd street
July 11, 2008, 7:31 pm
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It’s true – I often navigate my way through the city using Jeff Lewis songs. Last night I walked well over a hundred blocks and several avenues across the island uptown from Alphabet city. It was kind of wonderful, seeing the districts and the people out on the streets change as I traipsed northwards. Replete with several creepers and the token underdressed sobbing girl. Mostly though, I was just tired. Somewhere in the early 100s I bought myself flowers and my feet really hurt by that point but I was happy. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever done that, save for an orchid i had for several weeks, maybe months of my first year here. It’s a pretty bougie thing to do, maybe ameliorated only in small part by my having to stick them in an empty soda bottle. (Soda? Pop? What a very American word. I guess I would normally say soft drink, except that I seem to associate soft drinks with cans).

It took a surprisingly short time and was fairly uneventful, being fairly early to boot – I was back in my room a little bit past three. One of my friends did the same on her birthday last summer, as the revellers peaced it pretty early. She started out later though, managing to trek up Broadway in time to see the streets being swept, stores opening and the city coming to life. Kind of like the opening scene of My Fair Lady At that, I guess that walking alone in the city at night is not really such a good idea for a woman. I’m kind of glad I did, though – this would definitely be a good bad decision, as bad decisions go. Also good in that people I know here aren’t much of walkers-for-the-sake-of walking and that we will often turn back, or into a subway station long before I’m done.

Next time I’d like to walk up the East side, maybe. Or even just the other side of Broadway. I passed a couple at one point while clutching/cradling my bouquet of cheap closed-budded lilies. As they went by me I heard the guy remark that “I should do that sometime” with a nod to the flowers. Yes, yes you should!

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