killing denouement

promises of textual healing

Another week, another Fugazi Friday. This one is about words, words and expressions, as the song Promises from their 1989 Margin Walker EP (and the compilation 13 Songs) goes. This was the first Fugazi album I ever heard, and the sweet intro of Waiting Room coincided wonderfully with learning to play bass, coincidently also age 13. It’s not actually that hard but I remember being crazyproud when I finally nailed it. I didn’t actually realise it was a compilation album until probably a few years later – as with, perhaps embarrassingly, the Cure’s Galore. The song Promises can anyway be found audibly here, and also, adorably, here with this video from sometime in 1988 in DC. Having just begun to recover from the doom that was Intro to Linguistics, I’m not so much a fan of words and their phonological microcomponents right now. I still like words on walls though, and words on the street and on signs, so here’s ten for today, with what is probably a shockngly accurate characterisation of my headspace right now. The signage of Fraday I’m in love’ might be the best thing I have seen all week?

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