killing denouement

November 1, 2009, 6:35 am
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I think it’s about time for one of those every few years whoooshy music/aesthetic changes. That are unplanned but come as a relief when they do happen. Everything is a little uneasy right now. This first image is form Halloween 1973. Today was pretty much uneventful; last night was (began) excellent. I dressed as TSS – Toxic Shock Syndrome this year. Red tights, bloodied skin, a string from the centre of my head and a billowy dress with a strange organic/carnivorous anemonic pattern that faintly resembles a gangrenous tampon. Possibly my favourite costume ever?

I also acquired a wondrous guitar on the L train last night. 3D, made from mostly cardboard, that fake-wooden laminate stuff and thick vinyl tape, with pushpins and bulldog clips for pegs and dental floss strings. It’s pretty similar to a Warlock in body shape and surprisingly heavy given its materials. The guy made it for his office halloween party, except it was cancelled due to a mass firing. And he didn’t want to take it home because of some inexplicable wifely wrath (?). A little sad, but I’m glad I have it anyways. Speaking of custom instruments, these countervielles and counterharmonium, built by someone I interviewed a few months ago are especially fascinating, and lovely too with intricately carved oudlike soundboxes. My own oud playing meanwhile is (still) unsurprisingly not making too much progress, though I’m a bit more comfortable with fretlessness now.

Meanwhile the fratboys appear to be pre-rioting? Kent state version Morningside? There’s already a paddywagon waiting. huh.

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okay so … photos of TSS!

Comment by tobogganeer

i too want photos of the tss, and i want to see this guitar! dyou still have it?

Comment by k

ya in corner of living room. kinda busted up now but still recognisably guitar shaped. no intentional photos of the tss though i still have the tampon hairpiece??

Comment by killingdenouement

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