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ni dieu ni maitre ni notation: Bussoti, anarchism and intellectual property

I feel very drawn to diagrams lately, and the lovely, almost extitutional scores of Italian composer, artist and filmmaker Sylvano Bussoni. And diagramming my future gutter status to boot. I’m fairly sure I want to do a PhD, if I can figure out how to acquire visas/grants. It’s a bit ways off anyway. But its gotten me thinking about the mores of intellectual property and authorship credit. How can anyone ‘own’ an idea or concept? And at what degree level is a person considered a legitimate or plausible author? How much of a difference is there between private (material) property and ‘ownership’ of original thought?. In this sense (with apologies to Graeber), it’s worth thinking about how compatible anarchism and the academy really are?

anarchism and copyright


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