killing denouement

meat love, II

à la Svankmajer and

“The A.D.A.M. Project (A Dead Animal Man) is a sculpture of a human being built entirely from animal parts.The thirteen species included in the finished human being are: chicken, conch, cow, crab, deer, dog, duck, eel, fish, frog, lobster, rabbit, and shark.”

This could be so tight I’m going to try see it soon.

I’m reminded of that Jana Sterbak dress..

Vanitas: A flesh dress for an Albino anorectic” (1987) – flank steak, mannequin, salt, thread, colour photograph on paper

And also her “Chair Apollinaire (1996) which is a little disturbingly gorgeous

And even Zhang Huan, 1/2 (Meat #3) (Meat and Text), 1998, a dress by Florent Mattei

These are so interesting, like the next step in the objectification of women, even literalising the concept of being ‘fresh meat’. It also I’m not sure if the A.D.A.M project is made entirely of roadkill? I suspect PETA’s already been there though.
(nb for the record, I’m vegetarian, though not an ethical one)

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woahh..woah. woah. I will never look at meat the same way again!

Comment by lalaliu

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