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balloon based street art?
July 24, 2008, 5:23 am
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I’ve never seen anything like this before – onomatopoeic street art, and made with balloons? Presumably with added pop!s or maybe whizzzzes at the demise of the balloon. From Brooklyn based artist DBILLY. This seems to be the first work he’s done with balloons, but theres some sweet illustration based stuff. And something else I’ve never seen – though it’s probably been done before – words made with electrical tape. Interesting in that it looks photoshopped, but isn’t; I’d love to see this from afar.

I don’t normally like this kind of cartoony stuff but aw. In his artist statement DBilly, or David William, says,

Using colorful media such as twisting balloons, party streamers, and artist tape, I have begun to add visual representations of sound effects to public spaces as a sort of dimensional graffiti. After embellishing the found scenes and photographing the results, I leave my additions in place to engage passers-by for as long as the materials hold up. For me, this process encourages a reexamination of surroundings and objects that are usually taken for granted, and injects a hint of the fantastical surreality that I have established in my other work.

Or, at the very least, I hope someone thinks these things are kind of funny.

Dbilly can also be found at FLickr, and blogs over at andiamnotlying.

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