killing denouement

nagi noda and redefining foxy cleopatra

by streetar

Think of foxy hair, and Tamara Dobson, aka Foxy Cleopatra might come to mind. Yet this interesting -well what is it, a hairy wheatpaste? – by fairly unknown artist Streetar somewhere in NYC suggests an entirely different form of animal meets hair. It looks fairly thin – I love that you can still see the outline of bricks under it. Like these amazing hair hats by recently deceased Japanese pop artist and vide director Nagi Noda, who tragically died last month aged only 35. I kind of love how ridiculously sleek they are. My hair sometimes does a good approximation of small furry animals but it certainly doesn’t look like this! Below are two dogs.

And elephants, lions, walruses and bears, oh my!

And speaking of Foxy Cleopatra, I kind of love these images of her- the bottom right is with Woody Allen; can you tell she was a former model? Especially the ones with the same fabric-as-furniture, so chic. My mother does the same with flowery Ralph Lauren shirts and beadspreads, but somehow it doesn’t quite have the same effect.

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now i know what i want for my birthday.

Comment by BVagh

The photo of Cleopatra and Woody Allen reminds me of a sendup that was in “Kentucky Fried Movie”:

Comment by hegemonik

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