killing denouement

the new nouvelle vague

The recent new wavey ‘nu rave’ business is really not for me, thanks, Instead I prefer the older new wave, and am rather partial to Godard’s Bande à part myself, especially the dance scene. One day I’ll even learn it all the way through, perhaps. Today I came across what could maybe be called the New Wave(form), perhaps, with Brooklyn based conceptual artist Sakurako Shimizu‘s incredible jewellery.

The idea and I suppose, technology behind this is fairly simple, which makes it all the more incredible perhaps – a laser cutter linked up to some sound editing software. Above is a cuff with the the sound of a bell, and she’s also done a range of pieces, from brooches and earrings to necklaces with almost comic-book like exclamations (I’m thinking the ouf! boum! exclamations of old Tintin ones) of ‘wow’, ‘yawn’ and presumably a sneeze, ‘atchoum’. I’m rather reminded of long circa A-Level music tech evenings spent hunched up over the FruityLoops or Reason, and even before that (for want of finding a girl drummer in the UAE back then circa- Antifrat days), the failed attempts at drum tracks oh dear. She does custom ones too, and perhaps best of all are these wedding bands, cut in with the sound of your partner’s voice saying “I do”. A little Christian-centric perhaps, but such a lovely sentiment nonetheless. I do wonder what they say at civil sign-the-register type ceremonies, if anything?

If that doesn’t up the geek quotient enough though, there’s also these earrings, with open-close html head tags, to be worn about the face. As far as other nouvelle vagues go, the interspersed images here are from a 2008 Marie Claire Italy editorial of the same name, shot by Taki Bibelas. (And finally, the original scene from Bande à part, although when looking for the scene I also found this version, which sets Nouvelle Vague (the band)’s song ‘Dance with me’ to the original dance scene. It matches up so well, and given the band’s name, I can’t help but wonder if they are in any way related?

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