killing denouement

hard-boiled wonderscapes

I guess I read a lot of Murakami when in Cairo- you wouldn’t necessarily think they’d match, would you? Here’s a bunch more things that don’t match but that I’ve been visually digging lately, diagrammations aside. Many of them from the righteous Acid Sweat Lodge, “organised for the dissemination of outsider knowledge”. Brilliant for mental mapping and planning my circa-August 2009 ¡Occidentalise America! trip which will hopefully be NYC-Nashville-New Orleans shaped, perhaps with many detours. It’s interesting how “The South” seems kind of internally exoticised among Americans? A Northeastern friend from Massachusetts tells me it’s dark and poetic and swampy and beautiful.

In other non-news I have acquired an 3oud (similar to a lute, or deep spoon-backed stringed instrument) and am valianty grappling with the odd curved (like a plastic bandaid, or a fake moustache) plectrum equivalent – especially hard for someone used to fingerbass and rarely even plays guitar with a pick. My friend Jennie is milking goats and ukelele tapdancing and communing with Bread and Puppets in Vermont and when she returns we will be the North American answer to Korpiklaani, replete with shifty entrances form behind trees? Everyone’s travelling and this summer is sustaining its good vibes thus far.

Also note that any future polit folk-metal (anti-civ lyrical indulgence?) band would completely involve this sick ampstack-mushrooming-in-a-misty-glen (so organic, so non-semiotic) and these brutal cave-staves (semiotic, but hyper-kvltish so ok).

[from: ١ one | ٢two | ٣ three | ٤ four | ٥ five | ٦ 6 | ٧ seven | ٨ eight | ٩ nine | ١٠ ten ]

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