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dash snow rest in power
So Dash Snow aka Saker Irak died of an overdose recently, RIP. Some say he’s already being Basquiatised, and probably not a minute too soon. Stephen Marche fittingly points out in a fairly caustic article, “Basquiat’s hedonism fuelled his creativity, but for Snow hedonism was the creativity.” He’s already not one, but two four letter words and surely an adjective (or more fittingly, adverb) can’t be far off? Photos aside I couldn’t dig much of his art but as a person(a) he’s fascinating – for me maybe the ultimate embodiment of the downtown art scene today.

Kind of like the way in which coffee&cigarettes became &crack (80s), &cellphones (90s) and &crackberries (00s), Dash Snow, known for his near-neo Ludditism, goes hand in hand with the era of digitalia for me. Also kind of like the interlinked Cs of the Chanel sign, (speaking of which, ZEVS of the liquidated logos got picked up in Hong KongMaybe it’s the anthropologist in me (albeit one lacking a senior thesis) but I find pictures taken of him to be more interesting than his own. Is this what happens when money runs away from home and implodes on itself? Again from Marche:

Snow was much more successful as a muse, with his gorgeous long blond hair and beard and his tattoo of Saddam Hussein. An image of him tagging on a New York building ledge was one of the most famous photographs from Ryan McGinley’s show at the Whitney “The Kids Are Alright” (this title is now an unfortunate irony; the kid isn’t all right, the kid is dead). The art that resulted from Snow’s life, the table scraps of his orgies, gave the pleasant shiver of possibility that all the indulgence and self-destruction was something more than a nasty good time. But Snow himself, and the amanuenses of his self-destruction, were also able to convert his antics into a highly profitable commodity. His parentage, which provided a stabilizing connection to the Establishment, and his subversiveness, which stamped him with authenticity, turned out to be a valuable combination.

These images though -perhaps it’s the braces/suspenders and shorter hair? – by Mario Sorrenti from Muse Magazine, S/S 2009 are really sweet. And this quote from Vice’s Gavin McInnes quite striking:

When I used to run around with a camera and a notepad following Irak and documenting as much of their lives as I could, he said something that changed my life forever. He said, “Why are you always reporting on shit and reviewing other people’s shit? Why don’t you do your own shit?” I couldn’t get it out of my head. I still can’t. And you shouldn’t either.

Not to mention this from Ryan Mc Ginley:

One of my favorite things about Dash was always his unconscious moving hand. He would be sitting there smoking cigarettes, writing his tag in the air without being aware of it. I would just smile and watch the smoke twirl into the letters S A C E. That’s how I’ll always remember him.

[last image by Rachel Chandler]

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