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dirty cars and bike semiotics
October 3, 2010, 12:08 am
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Cars: Dirty, polluting, dangerous, unnecessary etc. Biking in the city can be faintly traumatic, with a near miss on the traffic heavy portion of Jay Street by the bridge today. Texan Scott Wade, can’t resist drawing on said dirty cars, except with images a little more complex than your usual smiley faces. The ‘dirt’, locally known as caliche, is a mix of limestone dust, gravel and clay.

I especially like this escape-to-natural-desolations series. To the mountains, to the beach, to the desert. His gallery also shows some of the drawings as dappled and destroyed after the rain, speaking beautifully to their ephemeral nature.

And as for the bike semiotics, this is a pretty rad invention. Lee Myung Su‘s SEIL backpack uses a wireless controller to display directional signals on a backpack. I do wonder how many accidents this might cut down? Even as I try hard to use hand signals when biking, I’m beginning to suspect they don’t mean much to cars on the road. It’d probably be fun to mod these too, perhaps to display LED ushering-ins of the apocalypse, à la Jenny Holzer’s work? As things get even more hyperconnected I wouldn’t be surprised to see people linking these to their Twitters or Facebook statuses either. [all via toxel

And finally, a crunchy sweet Denver city sponsored ad against tailgating:

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