killing denouement

a little visual series on castration, acephalous anxiety

Perhaps I should make this a recurring thing? Above, an animated take on Carvaggio’s Judith beheading Holofernes, with the original after the jump. I don’t know too much of the story; this provides a tidy summary, albeit on Gentilleschi’s version. To the left, the tattoo—three years in the considering—that I finally got this summer. Kind of awkwardly, I’m beginning to use it, or rather the Acéphale reference, as an insta-barometer of people I meet.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a text more beautiful or true. To the extent I’m writing about it, perhaps misguidedly, in a grad school applicaiton question that asks about your favourite writer, and a specific work.

Above, unknown, though I’d love to know what it is please? I realise I make an automatic link between castration anxiety, and the lack of a head. At the same time, that seems to delineate and affirm masculinity as rational, and the acéphale as an agendered being. Much as I’m a fan of the irrational—and especially the transgressive strength of feminised, gladly irrational laughter that’s a link I don’t particularly care for. Or rather, makes me politically uncomfortable though I can’t quite articulate why. Below, 50 cent on Twitter versus Queen’s English 50c. Unreal. I can’t decide if 50 cent is ridiculous or offensive, or probably both. Ditto with the Queen’s English version, though it’s pretty well done as language pisstakes go.

Above, a most excellent sign-languaged cunt. The T-shirts can be bought from this etsy shop, presumably the designer. Directionality, alright!. Despite my general dislike for most determinisms I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the linguistic kind. The NY Times’ most recent trotting-out of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is pretty interesting in this regard. And just for good measure, that grand doyenne of visual castration anxiety herself, Laura Mulvey. (Does that make her… the Oprah of the male gaze?) Easily amused? Clearly.

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Helene Cixous and Anette Khun wrote a really wonderful essay called ‘Castration or Decapitation’ about sexual differene, hysteria, uh, everything. Anyway, good link maybe…

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