killing denouement

egyptian solidarity posters

- Caesar Diablo

- Nick Bygon
So this site tells me that Mubarak’s finally gone. A nice day in history: Feb 11th saw the beginning of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, and Nelson Mandela’s 1990 release from prison. Shades of Dubai’s now defunct Channel 33, which used to have a daily 15 minute “Today, in history!” programme. I remember watching it at 19:00 every night for about a year, right before my mother sat down to The Bold and the Beautiful. The one with the stripes and bolt of pink satin in the sax-y opening credits.

- ammar designs (t), Oblind (b-l) and Unknown (b-r).

Wikipedia tells me that it’s also the first anniversary of Alexander McQueen’s death, and the 355th of the same for Descartes. Royally speaking, it’s also the day that Henry VIII became recognised as the supreme leader of the Church of England, and the “traditional date for the foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu.” And unrelatedly, is there a name for that series of “Is it _____ yet” YES/NO Magic 8-Ball type memes?

Tim Simons

And so, the Egyptial Revolution? I spent much of yesterday glued to Al Jazeera online, and was moved to tears by the footage of happy reverberations around the Arab world. Which was weird. Beautiful and inspiring as it certainly is, it’s not my revolution, regardless of how much I’ve been vicariously consuming it through photos, emails, links and online tv. Midan Tahrir’s incredibly central so I did end up spending a fair amount of time round there when last in Cairo. Much of it in a cutesy-bouge café with free wireless overrun by American University students—AUC’s old campus is, for better or worse right on the square. It’s not Facebook’s revolution either, for that matter. (This tendency to ascribe uprisings to social media? Biggest boner killer ever, seriously). From what I can find, only 21-24% have internet access, while a mere 5-7% use Facebook. You do the math.

RIMC (t-l), graphic resistance (t-r), and Melanie Cervantes

These images, meanwhile, are some of my favourite solidarity posters and graphics responding to Egypt, and occasionally Tunisia. The first one below, from Omar05, translates to something like “I’m an Egyptian against corruption … against violence … against vandalism … with change and reform” at the top. The bottom says ‘revolution revolution until victory’. And below that, “the people want to bring down/topple the regime”, or ‘el sh3ab yureed isqat al nidham’, which will be a chant familiar to anyone who’s been at solidarity rallies in the past few weeks. The small text in the middle, meanwhile is “we won’t go/leave” (the second part being ‘until he does’). And finally an exciting tense change in the very last image: “the people brought down the regime”, artist unknown. Can you tell I’m a ridiculous fan of root-system languages—!

Otherwise, I’m finally beginning to read fiction again after five years of theory pedestalisation, which is nice. Baileys, glüwein and diet coke left over from a houseparty, though not all at once. A job—and various transgressions—that might be slowly killing me, and a refrain of Fannie Lou Hamer in my head.

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