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Alice gets down

So while I normally never get excited about things like this, these Denise Grunstein pictures found at the artist and his model have actually gotten me thinking about this Friday. Alice in Wonderland is definitely among the trippiest of Disney movies, and is supposed to be fairly revolutionary in original author Lewis Carroll’s hiding of complex and forbidden mathematics equations in it (doesn’t that sound dramatic, now). At that, I’m rather eager to see (Czech surrealist) Jan Svankmajer’s take on it. Of it, he has infamously said that “Carroll is an illustration of the fact that children are better understood by pedophiliacs than by pedagogues.” Perhaps for fascinatingly, he has equally said that “childhood is my alter-ego.” The Disney version was decidedly saccharine, but it has been otherwise immortalised in Charles Manson’s famous quote,

We’re not in Wonderland anymore, Alice.

At that, I’m reminded of the Weather Underground’s infamous co-option and support of Manson’s rhetoric (later to be much regretted) at the 1969 ‘War Council’ in Flint, Michigan (in which they also repped Captain Ahab). In which Bernadine Dohrn (re: the 1968 Tate – La Bianca murders) was said to have exclaimed,

“Dig it; first they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the room with them, then they even shoved a fork into pig Tate’s stomach. Wild!”.

Pigs – of the farm or capitalist variety – seem to show up a lot here ouf. Perhaps it was the growing up in a Muslim country lack of pig love? Baby pigs are kind of cute. But then again, all small/fluffy animals or things probably are. Anyway, the quote’s from a really interesting chapter, ‘Excesses and Limits’, in Jeremy Varon’s Bringing the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary Violence in the Sixties and Seventies, especially re: the place of violence in the movement. Even if you’re not an SDS kid, promise!

Although there’s the mad fun of cards and tea (a little teapot, short and stout perhaps?) I’m rather drawn to being the twitchy pattery white rabbit (does it have any other names?) that Alice follows down the rabbithole. Mainly because this allows me to wear a tophat (or perhaps a bowler, for want of one) a BOWTIE (or perhaps even several, à la flying saucer, but most importantly for the most excellent Flava Flav-ish shiny purple jacket printed with stopwatches that I found in a Long Island thrift store. It’s rather warm though.

Though it could also be wonderful to wear one of those mirrors that distort shape, making you bulge or shrink concavely, going as those ‘drink me’ bottles of course. Seems like it would be kind of heavy though. And with the weather being what it is and the location secret until the day-of, perhaps it wouldn’t go amiss to rethink this too, ouf. In other rabbitish inspiration, I love these pictures from a masked opera and ballet rendition of the story respectively:

And while trawling for more white rabbit pics, I also came across these lovely ones from a 2003 editorial replete with more pigs and bowties (via foto_decadent)

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meat love, II

à la Svankmajer and

“The A.D.A.M. Project (A Dead Animal Man) is a sculpture of a human being built entirely from animal parts.The thirteen species included in the finished human being are: chicken, conch, cow, crab, deer, dog, duck, eel, fish, frog, lobster, rabbit, and shark.”

This could be so tight I’m going to try see it soon.

I’m reminded of that Jana Sterbak dress..

Vanitas: A flesh dress for an Albino anorectic” (1987) – flank steak, mannequin, salt, thread, colour photograph on paper

And also her “Chair Apollinaire (1996) which is a little disturbingly gorgeous

And even Zhang Huan, 1/2 (Meat #3) (Meat and Text), 1998, a dress by Florent Mattei

These are so interesting, like the next step in the objectification of women, even literalising the concept of being ‘fresh meat’. It also I’m not sure if the A.D.A.M project is made entirely of roadkill? I suspect PETA’s already been there though.
(nb for the record, I’m vegetarian, though not an ethical one)

Love? Yeah, possibly.
August 13, 2007, 5:51 pm
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castration anxiety too? we are all social obscenities. not to read too much into this, but I love the way it perfectly synthesises the mad objectification of women/ meat market


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