killing denouement

visceral interactivity and iSemantics

Following the Patriot Act, its iEquivalent: the PatriotApp. Not surprising, or particularly creepy as these things go—as someone put it today, “iSnitches get iStiches”. Fascinatingly, though, is the ascendance of ‘i’ as the new virtual prefix of choice. Not to mention the contracting of the hyphen, no thanks to décapitalisme(!) I wonder if this progression from ‘e’ (e-mail, e-commerce, e-book) to ‘i’ (iPhone, iGoogle, iPlayer) reflects a broader turn? Presumably from ‘electronic’ to ‘interactive? This said, much of the latter comes from iAppleProducts, whose ‘i’ initially stood for ‘internet’, and is now presumably modulated to ‘individual’. Interestingly, Apple did try to introduce an eMac—with the e standing for ‘education’—in 2002, before discontinuing it. Continue reading


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